Victoria Jazz Society

The Midnights

Saturday, July 1 | Bullen Park (Esquimalt) 7pm

The Midnights is an ensemble made up of some of Victoria’s most exceptional musicians. Known for their high-stepping, energizing performances, The Midnights deliver music in the style of all the great Motown, R&B, soul and pop artists, as well as perform their own originals. The 12-member band consists of an energizing rhythm section and a sizzling horn section fronted by five exquisite male and female vocalists. Founded originally as a mentoring band to high school R&B band programs in the Victoria area, The Midnights are now in such high demand that they play many festivals in Canada, the USA, and Europe. This is an experience you won’t want to miss, The Midnights are dazzling! Diane Pancel vocals, Sofia Jones-Jimenez vocals, Anisa Linuzzi vocals, Lyric Berry vocals, Cassidy Stahr vocals, Tom Lang guitar, Bridget Weston guitar, Glenn Whitney bass, Duncan Meiklejohn keyboards/vocals, Eric Emde drums, Mathew Martin trumpet, Paul Spelt saxophones, Chris Jacklin saxophone, Silas Waldhaus saxophone, Christina Morrison saxophone

Free to attend at Bullen Park, Esquimalt on Saturday, July 1.