Victoria Jazz Society

Pacific Blue Big Band (Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy)

Saturday, July 1 | Bullen Park (Esquimalt) | 2:30pm

Pacific Blue, an energetic 18-piece big band, provides repertoire that spans the decades from the Big Band Swing Era to popular dance hits from the present, and everything in between.  This Royal Canadian Navy band will perform a selection of the big band’s classic and contemporary music, with special emphasis on Canadian and local composers. Barrie Sorensen saxophones, Marielle Audet saxophones, Roy Styffe saxophones, Jeff Cooper saxophones, Robyn Jutras saxophones, Ben Van Slyke trumpet, Mark Dharmaratnam trumpet, Miguel Valdes de la Hoz trumpet, Steve Champ trumpet, Steve Donegan trumpet, Mike Wade trombone, Alon Soraya trombone, Dan Keels trombone, Zack Everett trombone, Steve MacDonald guitar, Ross MacDonald bass, Kyle Reyes drums/percussion, Sandra Veilleux drums/percussion, Simeon Weststeijn drums/percussion

Free to attend at Bullen Park, Esquimalt on Saturday, July 1